Symbols of Gay Male Individuation in the Wizard of Oz

Following the two articles I recently posted about the history of signs and symbols involved in the LGBT movement ( y ) I would like to add another link that I was lucky to get hold of 14 years ago. Its author is Robert. H. Hopcke and its title: “Symbols of Gay Male Individuation in the Wizard of Oz”.

In its pages not only will you go through an authentic “behind the scenes” of this iconic film, you will also find full detail of the gay signs and ideas that have been discovered in it. You can find a similar approach in my article where I give details about the distinction between Kansas and the Land of Oz or let’s say, Appearance and Reality; and how the truth of being gay is treated as a myth of masculine integrity and the subsequent female subside. If you feel interested in the topic, do not hesitate to read it. You’ll comprehend why in the wonderful Land of Oz, right over the rainbow, not everything is what it seems…

Download the file, clicking here: Dorothy and her friends. Symbols of Gay Male Individuation in the Wizard of Oz

Thanks to Manu for his quick translation ;-)

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I have just read the pdf document. It is quite interesting. Thank you very much for share it. Jamie, Seattle

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